Veterans Day: 15th Billy Boyle WWII Murder Mystery a Must Read

Veterans Day Gift: 15th Billy Boyle WW II Murder Mystery A Must Read 

By Don Church and Tony Schillaci, Critics On The Aisle; Out and Travelin’

James Benn's critically acclaimed Billy Boyle WWII murder mysteries combine fictional characters with real-life heroes and historic fact to greatly heighten the plausibility of every dangerous twist and turn in his well-crafted and cinematic plots.

Benn’s 15th, The Red Horse (SOHO Press), is no exception – and we’re not alone in that view: The New York Times wrote,  "As historical detective series go, this one is extremely well tended by an author who clearly dotes on his hero. As do we." 

The Red Horse is set in 1944 England. Recovering from physical and emotional wear from the battle of Normandy to the liberation of Paris, army detective Billy Boyle along with buddy Kaz Kazimierz are recovering in a heavily guarded covert hospital for behind-the-lines physical and mental casualties.

Kaz has been suffering from a heart condition and recently learned his sister was alive and working with the Polish Underground but has captured and in a concentration camp. Billy is emotionally disturbed and fighting his methamphetamine abuse. He also learned that his long-time love, Diana Seaton, an operative behind enemy lines, is also in a Nazi concentration camp. They soon become involved in a shocking inside death.

This news is delivered by a British Major who knows Billy’s reputation.  Boyle is asked to unofficially help solve the suspected  murder of a British agent recuperating in the hospital. A second death indicates an assassin is afoot. As always, Billy, who wants to get well and go home, is compelled to conduct a covert investigation that is kept from hospital authorities, patients and, of course, dodging the unknown murderer.

It would be unfair to potential readers to reveal the wow ending to this compelling story.

The Author - James R. Benn’s many literary awards, nominations, media reviews and praise from peers and veterans include Billy Boyle being named one of five top mysteries of 2006 by Book Sense. Benn has received a Dilys Award nomination, Starred Reviews from Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist, BookPage and Housatonic Book Review, and was a finalist for the prestigious Dublin Literary Award as well as being a Macavity Award nominee. With acclaim from major newspapers, magazines, web book critics and renowned novelists – bestselling author Lee Child, said, “Billy Boyle gets better and better.”